GP Sheets/Coils

This is Cold Rolled Sheets/Strips coated with zinc metal. Process is known as Galvanising. Used in roofing, paneling etc. GP sheets are normally produced by Hot Deep Galvanising of CR Sheets/Strips in liquid zinc bath. GC sheets are obtained upon corrugating of GP sheets in corrugating machine.

Although not practiced in India, GP sheets are also produced by electroplating of zinc on CR sheets/strips when the process is known as Electro-Galvanising. Galvanised coils sheets are used mainly in roofing, paneling, automobile bodies, Trunks/Boxes, Ducting, Cooler Body, etc.

Thickness: .20mm – 3.00mm

Width: 600-1500mm

Zink Coating: 90-275 gsm

Temper: Soft/Hard

Grades: CQ/D/EDD/

Standards: IS 277, JIS G 3302, ASTM A653, AS 1397, EN 10142, EN 10147, DIN 17162 and ES C.D7.001

Make: Essar/TATA/Jindal/Bhushan/Indian